SMS Online and Virtual Numbers - Top Verification Solution?

Social platforms require your phone directory during registration. They send authentication code on this number which needs to be copied back on the platform. Today many harmful things can be done with inclusions of a person’s phone directory. In such a way the platform sees that you are a real person and not a fraud.

Personal Identity Verification by Phone Numb

Websites and social media block accounts that seem suspicious to them. You cannot enter the same phone directory on the same platform twice. The phone directory that has been already verified stays together with your account. You can renew this account only by this specific phone numb.

By the way, online SIMs offer directories for rent, if you are afraid that your account can be blocked and you will need to restore it.

You need to register on the virtual numb provider’s site and replenish your balance to be able to buy directories. Then choose the country, number and platform you are going to use this number with. Start registration on the platform and copy your virtual directory in the corresponding field on the platform.

It will send you an authentication code. Usually it consists of several numbers. Copy it back on the platform and you are ready to use your new account.

How to Choose?

Knowing the information stated below you will not experience difficulties while choosing a virtual number for getting SMS online. Receive codes quickly and comfortably.

  • Always check the safety level of the company. Your protection must be important to it.
  • Free services are not always a good idea as their deliveries often fail.
  • The choice of countries has to be vast, as well as the quantity of phone directories.
  • There should be free trials so you could make sure the provider is suitable for your needs.
  • The customer support should be available around the clock.
  • Simple interface may be helpful as well.
  • Prices should be loyal especially if you need multiple verifications.
  • Numbers that can be rented are always a ‘plus’.

Such providers as OnlineSIM have recommended themselves on the virtual number market.


Choosing OnlineSIM as your constant virtual directory provider for authentication is a guarantee of quality. OnlineSIM offers a high protection level. Messages are delivered quickly and without failures.

OnlineSIM owns more than 10000 virtual directories from over 30 lands. You can try it for free and then choose a suitable tariff for you, use one-time numbs and numbs for rent. OnlineSIM’s interface is intuitive. Friendly client support is ready to solve your problems 24/7.