php online training

Php online training:


  • Basic HTML tags
  • How XHTML is differ from HTML
  • Three flavors of XHTML (strict, transitional and frameset)
  • Difference between block level tags and Inline levels tag
  • How to embed WMP and Flash files


  • Three types of CSS (inline, internal and external)
  • Basic CSS properties
  • Tag selector, id selector and class selector
  • Grouping and nesting of selectors
  • Pseudo classes and pseudo elements
  • CSS Box modal
  • Different Positions in CSS

Templates & Website Hosting


  • Basic syntax
  • DHTML using JavaScript
  • Validation using JavaScript
  • JQuery (Basics and Plugins)

Dynamic website development using PHP & MySQL : PHP Online Training

Installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache
Installation of IDE (Netbeans etc…)
How to display output
Datatypes and variable declaration
Conditional constructs (if,else,switch etc…)
Looping Constructs (for,while,do-while etc…)
Arrays and foreach loop
Super global arrays ($_GET, $_POST etc…)
Input values using form and input tag
String & datetime functions
Reusing Code (include & require statements) and templates
Redirection and hashing
OOPS in PHP (classes, object, inheritance etc…)
Exception Handling
File Handling
Using Session Control in PHP
Uploading and Downloading in PHP
Web Application Security
Encryption and decryption
Authentication & Authorization
Debugging and Handling Errors Gracefully
How to send email in PHP
Graphics in PHP (generating images etc…)
using captcha
Configure PHP.INI
SOAP basics and Web Service
Building Web 2.0 Applications with Ajax

Database Programming (MySQL) in PHP Online Training

  • Basics of MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL programming in PHP
  • Using Prepared Statements
  • Backup and restore of database

Advanced PHP

  • MVC Architecture
  • Introduction to Framework
  • Introduction to CMS like wordpress


  • Linux Installation
  • Basics of Linux (basics commands and user interface)
  • Installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache on Linux
  • Installation of IDE (Netbeans etc…) on Linux

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