Oracle OSB Online Training

Oracle OSB Online Training Course Overview :
Day-1 :Overview of XML, XPATH, XSLT.
Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture
• Describing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Explaining Service Component Architecture
• Reviewing of services and key standards
• Explaining the Oracle SOA Suite 11g architecture and componentsGetting Started with Composite Applications
• Discussing XSD and Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
• Creating a Mediator component
• Defining a Routing Service
• Creating XSL Transformations with the XSLT Mapper
• Introducing working with adapters
• Creating a file adapter service reference
• Examining the composite.xml Source
• Lab on File Adapter
• Lab on MediatorUsing the JMS and JDBC Adapters
• Introducing Binding Components and JCA Adapters
• Discussing Adapters and the WebLogic Application Server
• Introducing the Oracle JMS Adapter
• Configuring JMS Resources with WebLogic Administration Console
• Configuring the JDBC Adapter
• Lab Exercise on DataBase AdapterDay-2
Introduction to BPEL
• Defining Business Processes and BPEL
• Introducing parts of a BPEL Process
• Discussing variables in a BPEL Process
• Using the Sequence and Scope Activities
• Using the BPEL Design Editor
• Testing a BPEL Process in Enterprise ManagerIntroducing Human Tasks
• Introducing Human Tasks
• Creating and configuring a Human Task in a Composite Application
• Adding a Human Task to a BPEL Process
• Generating and deploying Task Display Forms
• Using the Worklist Application to view and act on task information
• Labs on Human taskDay-3 in
Oracle OSB Training
Introducing Business Rules
• Introducing the Business Rule Component
• Describing the Oracle Business Rules architecture
• Creating rules and decision tables with the JDeveloper Rule Editor
• Examining Business Rule Component Files
• Labs on RulesHandling Faults in Composite Applications
• Introducing Faults and Fault Handling options
• Managing Faults in Synchronous and Asynchronous Mediators
• Introducing Faults and Fault Handlers in BPEL Processes
• Returning Faults from Synchronous and Asynchronous Processes
• Throwing Faults
• Introducing the Fault Management Framework
• Recovering Faults with Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
• Lab Exercise on faultsManaging and Monitoring a Composite Application
• Deploying a Composite Application
• Versioning Applications
• Discussing Application state
• Using Configuration Plans
• Managing the life cycle of a Composite Application
• Testing a Composite Application
• Managing SOA Applications with JDeveloper
• Testing a Composite Application in Enterprise ManagerDay-4 in Oracle OSB Training
Testing SOA Composite Applications
• Introducing the Composite Test Framework
• Defining Emulations and Assertions
• Discussing Test Suites and Test Cases
• Testing initiation of inbound messages
• Emulating outbound, fault, and callback messages
• Running Test Cases
• Examining results of a Test Run
• Debugging Composite Applications

Securing Services and Composite Applications(OWSM)
• Explaining security for services
• Describing the Fusion Middleware security architecture
• Attaching security policies at design time in JDeveloper
• Attaching security policies post-deployment in Enterprise Manager
• Lab Exercise on OWSM

Monitoring Composite Applications with Sensors and Oracle BAM
• Creating and configuring BPEL sensors
• Creating and configuring composite sensors
• Introducing Business Activity Monitoring
• Creating a Data Object with BAM Architect
• Preparing an Oracle BAM Dashboard
• Integrating Oracle BAM with the BAM Adapter
• Creating and configuring a BAM Sensor Action in a BPEL Process
• Lab Exercise on BAM and sensors

Introduction to Oracle Service Bus
• Introducing the Service Oriented Architecture
• Describing the Oracle Service Bus Architecture
• Introducing the Role of Oracle Service Bus

Message Flow
• Introducing the Oracle Service Bus Resources
• Explaining the Message Context Model and the Message Context Variables
• Understanding the Message Flow and the Nodes/Elements of a Message Flow
• Lab exercise on Message Flow

Message Flow Actions
• Describing the Communication Actions You Can Add to a Route or a Stage in a Message Flow
• Describing the Flow Control Action You Can Add to a Route or a Stage in a Message Flow
• Describing the Message Processing Actions You Can Add to a Stage in a Message Flow
• Describing the Reporting Actions You Can Add to a Stage in a Message Flow
• Using XQuery Mapping and Transformations
• Lab Exercise on MessageFlow Actions

Transports in Oracle Service Bus
• Describing Oracle SOA Suite Transport (SOA-DIRECT)
• Describing JCA Transport
• Describing Representational State Transfer (REST)
• Lab Exercise on SOA-Direct,JCA and REST

Debugging with Oracle Service Bus
• Describing and Configuring Error Handling in Oracle Service Bus
• Configuring Validation in Oracle Service Bus
• Explaining the Usage of the Reporting Action

Introduction to Oracle Service Bus Security
• Introducing Oracle Service Bus Security
• Securing OSB with OWSM
• Introducing Message Level Security
• Lab Exercise on OSB Security

Key benefits:
We will help you install entire SOA 11g suite on your machines
Remote access to server to practice at your leisure during weekdays
Email support for a month post training completion.


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