Oracle SQL Online Training

ORACLE SQL Online Training Course Content :

Oracle SQL Online Training

Infrastructure setup
 Installation of Virtual workstation
 Installation of Operating system
 Assigning static ip to Ethernet
 Login to the OS
 Installing Virtual tools
 Sharing of Folders from host OS to virtual OS
 Cloning of OS in virtual workstation
 Start and Shut of OS

Installing ORACLE And Database creation

 Installing Oracle binary

 Database creation

Connecting to Database

 SQLPLUS tool

 Verify database name

 Verify database status

 Verify control file location

 Verify data files location

 Verify redo log files location

 Shut database

 Startup database

Data Definition language : Learn Oracle SQL

 Create

 Alter

 Drop

 Truncate

 Rename

Data Manipulation Language

 Insert

 Update

 Delete

Data Retrieval Language:

 Select

Transaction Control Language

 Commit

 Rollback

 Save point

Data control Language

 Grant

 Revoke

Conditional selections and operators

 Where

 Order by

 Arithmetic operators

 Comparison operators

 Logical operators


 Using aliases

 Column aliases


 Merge

 Multiple inserts


 Single row function

 Group functions

 Numeric functions

 String functions

 Date functions

 Miscellaneous functions

 Conversion functions


 Domain integrity constraints

 Not null

 Check

 Entity integrity constraints

 Unique

 Primary key

 Referential integrity constraints

 Foreign key

Case and default

 Case

 Default

Abstract data types in Learn Oracle SQL

Object view and methods

Varrays and nested tables

Flashback query

External tables

Ref deref value

Object view with references


Group by and having

Roll up grouping cube

Set operators


Synonym and sequence


Sub queries and exists

Walkup trees and inline view



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