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Search Engines and Directories

Important Search Engines and Directories

Who Owns Who?

The Beginnings of Search

The Search Industry Today

Who Powers Who?

Key Audiences for Your Site

The Definition of Search Engine Compatibility

So What is Search Engine Optimization?

Web Site Elements Impacting Search Compatibility

How Search Engines Index Pages

How Search Engines Rank Pages

Web Site Relevancy Factors

Algorithm Chasing is for the Birds

What is Site Architecture?
What is Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture?

Elements of Site Architecture That Impact Search Ranking


Directory Structure

File Naming

Page File Extensions

Navigation Menus

Multiple Entry Points

Heading Tags

Robots META Tag

Robots Exclusion Protocol (Robots.txt File)

Error Trapping

Site Maps

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Remaining Site Architectural Elements

Benefits of Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture

Further Reading in SEO Online Training

Keyword-Rich Body Text
Text Heavy Home Page
SEO Copywriting
Heading Tags
Build Your Copy Around Your Keywords
Text Links
Advantages of Text Links
Navigation Menus
Link Title Attributes
Assignment 1 (Tutor-Graded)

What is Dynamic Content?

How Dynamic Content Impacts Search Engine Compatibility

Optimization for Dynamic Web Sites

Workarounds for Dynamic Web Content

Further Reading

Assignment 2 (Tutor-Graded)

Graphics and the Web
Graphic-Heavy Pages
Alt IMG Attributes
Graphical Navigation Menus
Navigation buttons
Image Maps
Drop Down Menus
Assignment 3 (Tutor-Graded)

Intro / Splash Pages
Bells and Whistles
Making Flash Search Engine Friendly
Search Engine Support for Flash
Further Reading
Assignment 4 (Tutor-Graded)

Frames-Based Sites
Search Engines and Frames
The NoFrames Element
Frame Orphaning
To Sum Up Frames
Search Engines and Tables
Tables and Spam
Alternatives to Tables
To Sum Up Tables
Further Reading

What is Link Popularity? SEO Online Training

Google PageRank

Backward Links

Link Juice and NoFollow Links

PageRank Sculpting

Link Building

Text Links

Factors Influencing Link Popularity

Important Search Engines and Directories Recap

Lists of Other Search Engines and Directories

Links to Avoid

The Penguin Update

How to Avoid Link Spamming

Free Link Popularity Tools

Further Reading

Assignment 5 (Tutor-Graded)

What is Pay For Performance?

Pay For Performance Options

Express Paid Submission to the Yahoo! Directory

Pay For Performance Search Engine Models

Google AdWords

Google AdSense

Google Places

Bing Ads

Yahoo! Local Listings

Other Pay-Per-Click Providers

Learn More About Pay Per Click Campaigns

Further Reading

Does SEO Truly Deliver ROI?

Measuring SEO Success

Track your site’s search engine rankings.

Track the amount of traffic your site is receiving.

Track the number of returning visitors to your site.

Track the number of sales / conversions your site receives.

Track the link popularity of your site.

Key Site Metrics to Look At Regularly

Visitor pathways and conversion funnels.

Top exit pages.

Top entry pages.

Top content.

Landing pages for PPC and other campaigns.

Traffic sources.

Search engine referrals.

Search keywords and phrases.

Metric values that show a radical change.


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