Java Webservices Online Training

Java Webservices Online Training Course Content :

At the end of Web Services training course, the student will be able to :

  • Define a web service
  • Deploy a web service within Apache Axis
  • Understand the SOAP protocol
  • Read and understand SOAP messages passed between server and client
  • Generate, read and understand the Web Services Description Language files
  • Generate, read, and understand Universal Discovery Description and Integration files
  • Work with Web service stubs for both Java/Non-Java based services
  • Understand where Web services fit in the Java EE framework
  • Identify best practices for Web service development
  • Understand alternative architectures such as REST for Web services


Introduction to Web Services Online Training

  • What is SOA?
  • Service Orientation
  • Business Process Vs Service.
  • Types of Web Services

Introduction to XML Schemas

  • XML – Extensible Markup Language
  • DTD–DocumentType Definitions.
  • XSD – XML Schema Document.

Web Services Development

  • Introduction
  • Software Configuration and Setup
  • Components required to develop web services
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Developing new web services
  • Developing web services using XSD’s
    • Designing XSD’s
    • Converting XSD’s into Java Objects
    • Developing business logic using generated java objects
    • Communicating to the Data bases
  • Developing web services using Java –based applications
    • EJB
    • Servlets
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
  • Deploying the Web Services

Consuming Existing Web Services

  • Introduction
  • Components required to consume existing web services
  • Using WSDL to Java
  • Working with proxy classes
  • Working with stubs and Service Locator classes
  • Example of consuming existing web services
    • Amazon
    • Microsoft
  • Testing existing web services

Testing Web Services

  • SOAP UI Installation and Setup
  • Testing with Web Services Explorer
  • Web Services functional testing using SOAP UI
  • Web Services testing using XML Spy

WSDL Java Webservices Online Training

  • Primary elements in a WSDL document
  • Abstract and concrete definitions in a WSDL document
  • Messaging modes for web services
  • XML schema in a WSDL document
  • Web Service Endpoints and Clients


  • Use of SOAP in web services
  • Primary elements of a SOAP message
  • Transmission of binary data in a SOAP message
  • Extensibility features of SOAP
  • Role of message handlers
  • Messaging styles in a SOAP message
  • Encoding styles in a SOAP message
  • Protocol binding of a SOAP message


  • Functions of the UDDI registry
  • Elements of a UDDI registry
  • UDDI APIs Overview.


  • Choosing a Communication Technology
    • Microsoft Technology
    • Java Technology
  • Web services based client applications
  • Developing client applications

Exception Handling.


  • Eclipse
  • Tomcat
  • Oracle Database

Altova XML Spy

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