SAP ERP Online Training

SAP ERP Online Training :

SAP Enterprise Portal Administration


SAP Net weaver

Introducing the SAP Enterprise Portal

The End User’s Perspective

Logging on to and Navigating in SAP Enterprise Portal

Predefined Roles

User Administration

Content Administration

System Administration,

Activities Involved

Design Changes and Branding

Portal Branding – Look and Feel, Portal Theme, Portal Desktop

Customizing Logon Screen

Portal Content Design

Creating Iviews, Pages, WorkSets, Roles, Groups

Assigning to Users


Technical Infrastructure

Architectural Overview

Java Cluster Architecture

Terms & Terminology

Default URLs/Ports

Integrating SAP Applications

Defining a Backend System Landscape

System Templates for Backend Connectivity

JAVA Connectors (JCo)

Transporting Portal Contents

Iviews, Work sets, Roles

User Administration

User Management Engine (UME)

Creating Users/Groups/Roles

Batch Importing Users

Anonymous Users

SAP Enterprise Portal Installation and Configuration

Preparing the Portal Installation

Installing SAP Web AS Java System

Portal Installation

Applying Portal Patches

Deploying Packages (ex. Ess/Mss) using SDM GUI Tool

Post Installation

Post Installation Activities

Setting up System Landscape

NWDS : SAP ERP Online Training

Installation & configuration

Creating WDJ Application and Deploying

Introduction to PAR files

Single Signâ€ÂOn to Backend Systems

Introducing SAP Logon Ticket

SSO using SAP Logon Tickets

SSO using User Mapping

Business Packages ESS & MSS

Deploying – SDM /JSPM

Creating Roles and Assigning in ECC

Assigning Roles in Portal

Knowledge Management


Various Iviews


File uploading

Web Dynpro ABAP Configurations

Checking ITS Working

Activating Required SICF Services

Creating WebDynpro ABAP Iviews

Workflow Configurations in SAP ERP Online Training

To get Notifications into Portal UWL creating Logical System

Installation of SONIC sw and Viewing SAP mails into UWL

Development Infrastructure

NWDI (Netweaver Development Infrastructure) Configuration & Architecture

NWDI Components – DTR, CBS, CMS, SLD

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