Resume Writing - What Are The Types?

Writing a resume is the ultimate discipline you need to learn first. The only thing that helps is professional resume service.

Writing resumes - different types of resumes

There are three types of resumes: the chronological resume, the functional resume, and the freeform resume. The most commonly used is the chronological resume, also known as a tabular resume. A resume is the most important part of the application and provides all the important information at once. It is not without reason that it is always said that writing a resume is not an easy thing to do. Depending on your lifestyle, you need to pay attention to different things.

Chronological or tabular curriculum vitae

Writing a chronological resume works in two ways. Individual career steps are listed in chronological order. You have the option of listing your last employer first, this is the American version, or you can list your last position last, this would be the classic version.

This form of resume is the clearest. Most hiring managers will find all the information here at once, as they are likely to get chronological biographical information. It is also very popular with companies because it makes it quick and easy to identify gaps.

The advantages of chronological or tabular biographies are primarily that they are simply written and are considered a common form. In addition, these resumes are easily recognizable and easily remembered by managers.

Write a functional resume

Chronological order is irrelevant to this type of curriculum vitae. Because it's structured here based on the functions you've had. What this means for you is that your work and professional experience relate to your roles and responsibilities.

In practice, it looks like you can summarize similar or comparable activities in different companies at one point. This has the advantage that the human resources department can quickly identify a clear line. The temporal relationship here is secondary.

Job seekers have the great advantage that it is very easy to hide gaps in this type of resume. Also, it is not immediately obvious here whether the last job was more or less demanding than the new one or not.

Writing a resume is one thing, choosing the right layout is another. As for resume layout, you can choose a classic, a little more creative, or a very unusual version. If you look at what the company does, what industry it's in, and visit the company's homepage, you're sure to make the right choice for the perfect layout.

You can also use the company's homepage as a guide when choosing a layout. Be guided by the company's colors when choosing colors. You can also see if the company has kept the home page more classic or a little more modern. If you pay close attention to such things, you will quickly see how much creative freedom you have.