SAP BOBJ Online Training

SAP BOBJ Online Training Course Overview :

·   Universe Designer

·   INFOVIEW/Launch Pad

·   Web-Inteligence Rich Client XI R3

·   BO Administration (CMC)

·   Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard

·   Integration with SAP BI – BO (OLAP Universe)

·   One Real Time project explanation (End to End)

Information Design Tool
·   What is the Information Design Tool (IDT)
·   Create the data foundation
·   Create a database connection
·   Create a data foundation
·   Define joins in a data foundation
·   Create a business layer
·   Create folders and objects
·   Create measure objects
·   Resolve Loops Use alias
·   Resolve Loops Use contexts
·   Define data restrictions
·   Work with LOVs
·   Use Parameters restrict data
·   Use @functions also Aggregate Awareness
·   Create Derived Tables and Index Awareness
·   Maintain universes
·   Deplore and manage and maintain universes
·   Document universes
Universe Designer
·   Understanding Business-Objects Universes.
·   Understanding how universes allow users to query databases using their everyday business terms.
·   Creating Universe Connections.
·   The course database and universe.
·   Creating the universe.
·   Building and populating the Universe Structure.
·   Defining joins in a universe.
·   Creating Dimension Objects.
·   Understanding classes and objects.
·   Creating Measure Objects.
·   Understanding measure objects.
·   Using List of Values.
·   Resolving Loops.
·   Resolving loops using aliases.
·   Resolving loops using contexts.
·   Chasm traps and Fan traps.
·   Restricting the data returned by objects.
·   Using @ Functions.
·   Using Hierarchies.
·   Working with hierarchies.
·   Aggregate Awareness.
·   Linking Universes.
·   Creating links between universes.
·   Securing Universes.
·   Managing Universes.
Infoview / Launch pad
·   Create a Folder
·   Upload a Local document
·   Copy or Move a Document
·   Create a Category
·   Assign a Document to a Category
·   Delete a Document
·   Create a Shortcut to a Document in my Favourites
·   Copy a link to a document
·   Send a Document to a BI Inbox
·   Search for a document
·   view a Crystal report
·   View a Web intelligence  Document
·   Create a Publication
·   Subscribe to a Publication
·   Subscribe toan alert
·   Create a Hyperlink
·   Create a BI Workspace.
Web-Intelligence Rich Client XI R3 in SAP BOBJ Online Training
·   Introducing Web Intelligence
·   Accessing information with Web Intelligence
·   Understanding how universes allow you to query databases using everyday business terms
·   Create reports using webservises as a Data source
·   Understanding Web Intelligence core functionalities
·   Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client
·   Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView
·   Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
·   Building a simple query
·   Restricting data with query filters
·   Applying a single-value query filter
·   Using prompts to restrict data
·   Using complex filters
·   Report Design
·   Working in the Report Panel
·   Displaying data in tables and charts
·   Presenting data in free-standing cells
·   Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports
·   Using breaks, calculations, and report filters
·   Formatting breaks and crosstabs
·   Using default and custom sorts
·   Ranking data to see top or bottom values
·   Tracking data changes
·   Using alerters to highlight information
·   Organizing a report into sections
·   Copying data to other applications
·   Formatting Reports
·   Preparing documents for PDF and print
·   Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables
·   Understanding formulas and variables
·   Understanding how Web Intelligence calculates data
·   Creating formulas and variables to calculate data
·   Using Multiple Data Sources
·   Adding a new query using a personal data provider
·   Creating multiple queries in a document
·   Synchronizing data with merged dimensions
·   Analyzing Data
·   Drilling into the data
·   Setting Web Intelligence drill options
·   Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents
·   Exporting documents from the Rich Client
·   Accessing InfoView
·   Managing documents in InfoView
·   Sharing documents in InfoView
·   Scheduling a Web Intelligence document
·   Setting InfoView preferences
·   Advanced Query Techniques
·   Using combined queries
·   Using sub-queries
·   Creating a query based on another query
·   Changing data sources
·   Using the query drill
·   Using query sampling
·   Understanding dimensions and details
·   Character and Date String Functions
·   Using character string functions
·   Concatenating different data types
·   Using date functions
·   Calculation Contexts
·   Understanding calculation contexts
·   Redefining calculation contexts
·   Using If Logic
·   Grouping data with If() logic
·   Using IF/ELSEIF
·   Additional Reporting Techniques
·   Using data tracking
·   Displaying data restricted by a filter or ranking
·   Using additional report functions
·   Linking to Documents
·   Linking to documents and URLs in Web Intelligence
·   Creating hyperlinks in the HTML Report Panel
·   Creating hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Rich Client and Java Report Panel
Basic BO Administration (CMC)
·   Understanding BusinessObjects Enterprise What is BusinessObjects Enterprise? Working in InfoView
·   Working in the Central Management Console BusinessObjects Enterprise Architecture
·   Understanding the BusinessObjects Enterprise architecture Busi nessObjects Enterprise Security Creating users, groups, and folders The Busi nessObjects Enterprise security model
·   Categories
·   Guidelines for planning security
·   Profiles
·   Publishing
·   Scheduling
Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard: SAP BOBJ Online Training
·   Crystal Xcelsius Overview
·   Creating Dashboards using Query As A Web Service (QAAWS)
·   Creating Complex dashboards
Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard:
·   Screen Layout
·    Accessing the Report Designer Help
·   Creating a simple report
·   Choosing the data source
·   fields
·   group and sort order
·   Using the Field Explorer
·   Inserting database fields and other objects
·   Sorting and Grouping records
·   Grouping on data fields
·   Inserting summaries
·   Using Guidelines
·   Changing the sorting and grouping details
·   Applying search criteria
·   Basic formulae
·   Formatting sections
·   Drill Down Reports
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