Informatica Online Training

Informatica Online Training

Informatica Online Training Course Content :

Data Warehousing Concepts
•    Dataware housing (what is Dataware housing /Why Dataware housing/How Dataware housing)
•    Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD1, SCD2, SCD3)
•    Metadata
•    Dimentinal Table
•    Types Of Dim Tables
•    Fact Table
•    Types of Fact Tables
•    OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing)
•    OLAP (Online Analysis And Processing)
•    Advantages of OLAP
•    Different Methodologies of DWHPowerCenter Components and User Interface•    Informatica PowerCenter Architecture
•    Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools
•    Start Using of the Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor
Source Qualifier:

Informatica Online Training

•    Source Qualifier Transformation
•    SQL override in source qualifier transformation
•    Source qualifier transformation joins concept
•    Source qualifier transformation on Relational Databases
•    Source qualifier transformation on File systems
•    Source qualifier transformation filter concepts
•    Difference Between SQL Override, Other Options
•    Source Qualifier Transformation Performance Tunning
•    Pre SQL and Post in Source Qualifier TransformationExpression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow Scheduler•    Expression Editor
•    Filter Transformation
•    File Lists
•    Workflow Scheduler
•    Lab – Load the Customer Staging Table and Real time issuesJoins, Features and Techniques I•    Joiner Transformation
•    Shortcuts
•    Lab A – Load Sales Transaction Staging Table
•    Lab B – Features and Techniques I and Real time issues

Lookups and Reusable Transformations

•    Lookup Transformation
•    Reusable Transformations
•    Lab A – Load Employee Staging Table
•    Lab B – Load Date Staging Table and Real time issues


•    Debugging Mappings
•    Lab – Using the Debugger

Sequence Generator

•    Sequence Generator Transformation
•    Lab – Load Date Dimension Table and Real time issues

Lookup Caching, More Features and Techniques

•    Lookup Caching
•    Lab A – Load Promotions Dimension Table
•    Lab B – Features and Techniques II
•    Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

Router, update Strategy and Overrides

•    Router Transformation
•    Update Strategy Transformation
•    Expression Default Values
•    Source Qualifier Override
•    Target Override
•    Session Task Mapping Overrides
•    Lab – Load Employee Dimension Table and Real time issues

Dynamic Lookup and Error Logging: Informatica Online Training

•    Dynamic Lookup
•    Error Logging
•    Lab – Load Customer Dimension Table

Unconnected Lookup, Parameters and Variables

•    Unconnected Lookup Transformation
•    System Variables
•    Mapping Parameters and Variables
•    Lab – Load Sales Fact Table

Sorter, Aggregator and Self-Join

•    Sorter Transformation
•    Aggregator Transformation
•    Active and Passive Transformations
•    Data Concatenation
•    Self-Join
•    Lab – Reload the Employee Staging Table and Real time issues

SCD type1 – Hands-On LAB

SCD type2 – Hands-On LAB

SCD type3 – Hands-On LAB


•    Mapplets
•    Lab – Load Product Daily Aggregate Table
•    Review and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

Workflow Variables and Tasks

•    Link Conditions
•    Workflow Variables
•    Assignment Task
•    Decision Task
•    Email Task
•    Lab – Load Product Weekly Aggregate Table

More Tasks and Reusability

•    Event Raise Task
•    Event Wait Task
•    Command Task
•    Reusable Tasks
•    Reusable Session Task
•    Reusable Session Configuration

Worklets and More Tasks

•    Worklets
•    Timer Task
•    Control Task

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