SAP PP Online Training

SAP PP Online Training :

•        Overview of ERP

•        About SAP

•        SAP Hierarchy Structure

Master Data

•        Material Master

•        Bill of Material – BOM

•        Work Center

•        Routing – Different types of Routing

•        Production Version

Sales and Operational Planning – SOP

•        Standard Planning (with standard so76 info structure)

•        Planning with the Product Groups

•        Planning with the Materials

•        Product Group Aggregation and Desegregation

•        Creation of Plan and version management

•        Transfer of Plan to Demand Management

Master Planning

•        Demand Planning

•        Creation of PIR (Planned independent requirements)

•        Planning Strategies

Planning Material Requirement

•        Master Data requirements in MRP

•        Carrying MRP Procedure MRP, MPS, CBP

•        Difference between MRP Vs MPS

•        Control indicators processing like NETCH, NETPL, NEUPL

•        Evaluation of planning results and planning table

•        Master Production Scheduling planning run (MPS RUN)

•        MRP Run In Background for all network Plants

•        Processing Planned orders

•        Planned orders conversion

•        Production Orders from planned orders

•        Production order creation

•        Production order confirmation

Goods Movement in SAP PP Online Training

•        Goods Receipt wref to Production Order

•        Goods Issue wref to Production Order

•        Creation of GI wref to Reservation

•        Restricting Goods Receipt Unless Production Order is confirmed

Batch Management

•        Condition Tables

•        Access Sequence

•        Strategy Types

•        PP Batch Search Procedure

•        Batch Status in PP

•        Characteristics and class

•        SLED In Batch in PP

•        Manual And Automatic Batch Display In PP

•        Production orders creation using Batch

Variant Configuration in PP : SAP PP Online Training

Variant Configuration in BOM

•        Characteristics

•        Class

•        Classification

•        Classification settings in material master

•        Maintain Dependency

•        Configurable Profile for Material

Availability Check

Availability Check with ATP Logic or Against Planning

Repetitive and Discrete Manufacturing Process

•        Master Data Maintenance

•        Production versions

•        REM Profile

•        Back flusing

•        REM Back flushing


•        MM

•        SD

•        QM

•        WM

•        FI

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